Recommended Devices

  • Please see the information below for a list of recommended devices that are most compatible with Lindbergh's curriculum and wireless network.
    Toshiba CB35
    Cloud-Based Laptops
    A cloud-based laptop is a thin wireless laptop computer with a light operating system and an Internet browser interface. These devices rely on cloud storage, where files and applications are located remotely and accessed through the Internet. Cloud-based laptops work well for most applications, research and word processing. Internet access is required for optimal performance.

    Apple iPad mini 2

    A tablet is a wireless, portable personal computer with a touch-screen interface. Tablets are typically smaller than laptop computers, larger than smartphones, and work well for accessing most textbooks, Internet research and applications. Storage is limited and an external keyboard is recommended at all levels.

    HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook

    A laptop is a wireless, portable personal computer that combines the processing power of a desktop computer with the mobility of a tablet. Laptops are highly customizable in terms of screen size, memory options and external accessories. A laptop will perform all necessary functions needed in the classroom.