BYOD Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which device is best for my student?
    Personal computing devices are evolving at a rapid pace, and there are many choices that work well in the classroom setting. At a minimum, we recommend students use cloud-based laptops, tablets or laptops that allow them to read, take notes and compile research on the Internet. Computers will still be available in the library and in classrooms to supplement your student's personal device. Click here for more information.
    Is Lindbergh’s Internet connection protected from inappropriate content?
    Yes, Lindbergh uses a firewall with content filtering services, and we make every effort to provide a safe environment for our students at school. In addition to technology filters, our teachers monitor activity in their classrooms to make sure students stay on task.
    What if my battery dies at school?
    Charging stations are not yet available in all of our schools, so please ensure that your student brings a fully-charged device to school. Check your device settings to learn how to conserve battery power during the day.
    How does the online school library work?
    Lindbergh's online school library, Overdrive, allows students to check out a selection of e-books online and download them directly to their digital devices. Students can choose from hundreds of titles, and our online selections expand each year. E-books do not have any fines, because after the lending period, the book automatically disappears from the device and is returned to the library.
    What is Lindbergh’s long-term plan for educational technology?
    Our teachers rely more and more on interactive classroom technology, and devices are becoming more affordable. As a result, more and more students are using cloud-based laptops, tablets and laptops in class than ever before.
    Will there be any assistance for families who cannot afford a digital device?
    We will provide information about a loaner program for families who are in the free and reduced lunch program.