Boundary Committee Members

  • In order to represent each school equally, building principals and parent-group presidents nominated the following representatives to serve on the Boundary Committee. To share questions and feedback with committee members, please complete the Boundary Committee Community Survey.
    Concord Elementary School
    Leigh Nieman, PTG president
    Erica Keating, PTG board member
    Crestwood Elementary School
    Sean Saunders, parent
    Denise Morrow, parent
    Kennerly Elementary School
    Lisa Donelon, PTP board member
    Kara Horton, parent, former Board of Education member
    Long Elementary School
    Kelly Wagner, parent
    Mike Thomas, parent
    Sappington Elementary School
    Jenny Bond, PTG president
    Sonia Kesselring, parent
    Sperreng Middle School
    Steve Cox, PTO member
    Erica Crowell-Hoffman, PTO fundraising chair
    Truman Middle School
    Tammy Doyle, TPG board member
    Karen Kramer, TPG board member
    Lindbergh High School
    Dr. Mike Franklin, assistant principal
    Lindbergh Schools
    Charles Triplett, Assistant Superintendent of Finance
    Dr. Megan Stryjewski, Director of Elementary Education and Professional Learning
    Dr. Jill Lawson, Director of Assessment and Student Services
    George Jenkerson, community member
    Ken Fey, former Board of Education member
    Lisa Lawson, First Student
    Anita Zolman, First Student
    Dr. Catina Lyles, Special School District
    Beth Johnston, Community Relations Director
    Mariano Marin-Gomez, Technology Director
    Sandy Woodfin, Information Systems Specialist