Dressel School and Prop G

  • Lindbergh needs a 650-student building to accommodate all of the new elementary students moving into our district, and the existing Dressel School is not large enough.
    The cost to renovate and expand Dressel is very close to that of building a brand new, 650-student elementary school. For example, asbestos is safe if not disturbed, but if any renovation were to occur, asbestos removal alone would cost upwards of $750,000. The current building also does not have a working kitchen, and will require new electrical systems, a new roof, new lighting, and total replacement of the heating and air conditioning systems and exterior windows.
    The current Dressel School provides much needed space for ancillary programs such as gifted education, half day pre-kindergarten, Parents as Teachers, and the Lindbergh Athletic Association, but it is not large enough to house an entire elementary school.
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