Our Lindbergh Family is Growing

  • Prop G will address our most immediate issue -- rapid growth in student enrollment. Residential enrollment has increased by 569 students in the last five years, with an additional 464 students projected to enroll by 2018.

Elementary Growth

  • To relieve elementary school overcrowding, Prop G will create a sixth elementary building on the Dressel School property. This new facility will establish a neighborhood elementary school for the eastern area of our district, with enough classroom space for 650 K-5 students. Click here to take a virtual tour of the proposed Dressel Elementary School.
    Right now, every elementary school classroom is being used. Four of five elementary schools are operating above capacity, and some classes already meet in storage areas, closets and staff lounges. Additional growth will reduce the number of quality learning environments and appropriate class sizes, which are proven to be better for educating students.
    For example, when Truman opened as a second middle school in 2011, its student achievement soared to No. 1 among public middle schools in Missouri. Sperreng Middle School is close behind at No. 5.
    Kennerly Elementary
      Crestwood Elementary
      Concord Elementary

Growth at Lindbergh High School

  • Prop G also addresses student growth at Lindbergh High School, most notably overcrowding in the cafeteria. During lunch at LHS, students spill out of the cafeteria into the commons and hallways, even eating lunch on the floor. Prop G will expand the cafeteria, providing adequate space for all students to eat. Click here to take a virtual tour of the proposed cafeteria expansion.
    In addition, Prop G will create two science classrooms, modernize the library, and update the original 1967 bleachers and floors in Gym 3, which is the only space on campus large enough to accommodate the entire student body.
    LHS Gym 3
     LHS Cafeteria
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