Parents as Teachers

  • Being a parent is one of the hardest, but most rewarding jobs you will ever encounter. You are responsible for the growth and development emotionally, physically and socially of your children. As a parent, you are your child's first and most important teacher. Your home is your child's first schoolhouse. Your child will learn more during the early years than any other time in life. How your child grows and learns during these years - beginning at birth - will affect his/her development and success in school.

    Parents as Teachers is a no cost parenting program for all families who are pregnant or have children who are not yet enrolled in kindergarten. The purpose of the program is to help parents become better observers of their children and to feel confident that they are doing the very best for their children's development and future school and life successes.

    Experience has shown that Parents as Teachers can produce confident, competent parents and happy, well-rounded, academically able children. Independent evaluations showed that participating children:

    • Were significantly more advanced in language development than other 3 year olds
    • Had made greater strides in problem solving and other intellectual skills
    • Were further along in social development than their peers
    • Were still ahead in third grade

    Parents enrolled in the program are visited by certified Parent Educators, who provide age-appropriate, research based developmental information and activities to parents to help their children develop at an age appropriate rate. If for some reason there is a concern about a child's development, Parents as Teachers has access to a referral network that helps families link with special services that are beyond the scope of the program.