Academic Networking

  • The final addition to the Lindbergh High School modified block schedule is Academic Networking. This hour-long block of time, which meets immediately after PAC on Thursdays only, is designed to support learning. Academic Networking allows students to pursue academic work, to receive extra help, make up missed assignments and tests, study and receive interventions, and increase overall contact time between teachers and students.

    Academic Networking is designed around teacher choice. While students are able to organize a meeting with a teacher prior to Academic Networking, teachers can also request and require a student to come and meet with them if they are struggling with the work in that teacher’s class. A bell will ring halfway through the Academic Networking period. This will give students an opportunity to potentially meet with two different teachers during that time. If students do not need to meet with a teacher or do any other school business, they will stay in their PAC and use the additional time for study or homework. This is NOT a time for students to be in the hallways or out of the classroom.

    Services Available During Academic Networking

    • Classroom teachers REQUEST students to come and see them for tutoring, test makeup and additional instructional support
    • Group Project Work Spaces (sign up only, limited space available)
    • Counseling appointments to meet social and emotional needs of students
    • College visits
    • LINK Crew activities
    • Special School District support services
    • Relationship building within PAC classroom
    • Library (pass and specific assignment from a teacher required)

    Additional Academic Networking Activities

    • Pep assemblies
    • Ring assemblies
    • Senior assemblies
    • Class meetings
    • Picture retakes and club pictures
    • Diversity Day activities, mock car crash, college and career activities
    • Renaissance winter recognition event
    • Renaissance end of the year assembly
    • Senior class panoramic photo
    • Additional activities as needed

    Academic Networking Procedures

    Students will potentially be allowed to move to two locations during Academic Networking time. This is ONLY if students have permission from a teacher. A bell will ring when Academic Networking begins and students will have five minutes to move to their first location. A bell will ring halfway through Academic Networking and students will have five minutes to move to a second location if needed. No passes will be written after the passing time. Once the five-minute passing is complete, all students must REMAIN in their current locations, unless it is an emergency.

    Students will check in at each location for attendance tracking purposes. Students are ONLY allowed to leave their PAC classroom if their teacher has requested that they come to them for intervention or test makeup PRIOR to the start of Academic Networking time. Additionally, all requests for use of the library, group project areas and counseling must be made PRIOR to the start of Academic Networking time.