Academic Support Services

  • Lindbergh High School is committed to helping students succeed not only in academics, but also in life. We prepare students for success through innovative instruction and a focus on collaboration, creativity, communication and critical-thinking.

    Students are encouraged to meet with their teachers to receive extra instruction or explanation regarding course assignments and exams. In addition, students may take advantage of the academic support services below. All academic support schedules are available in the Canvas student learning management system.

    Academic Networking

    Lindbergh High School’s modified block schedule includes dedicated time for Academic Networking. This hour-long block of time meets immediately after PAC on Block B days, and is designed to support student learning. Academic Networking allows students to pursue academic work, to receive extra help, make up missed assignments and tests, study and receive interventions, and increase the overall contact time between teachers and students.

    During Academic Networking, teachers can request or require students to meet with them if they are struggling with course material. Academic Networking is divided into two periods, which allows students to potentially meet with two teachers during that time.

    Additional School Instruction

    Additional School Instruction (ASI) provides content support in the areas of English and mathematics to increase student performance. English ASI includes individual and small group instruction to help students improve reading comprehension and literary analysis, while Math ASI helps students master the five mathematical strands: algebraic relationships, data and probability, geometric and spatial relationships, numbers and operations, and measurement.

    After-School Tutoring

    After-school tutoring is a walk-in service allowing students to receive individualized academic support. This one-on-one assistance helps students develop skills, complete assignments and receive the additional monitoring and support needed to be successful. Students can request help with specific subject areas or general study skills, including homework management, organization and test preparation.

    Math Lab

    The Math Lab is a walk-in tutoring service providing assistance in all levels of mathematics offered at Lindbergh High School. Students can receive help with homework assignments, review the concepts needed for better comprehension and prepare for upcoming exams. The Math Lab is designed to assist as many students as possible. Students requiring extensive, one-on-one tutoring should consider Additional School Instruction or after-school tutoring.

    Office Hours

    Office hours are an opportunity for students to meet with teachers for academic support in small group settings. Students can ask in-depth questions and explore points of confusion or interest that cannot be fully addressed in class. Additionally, office hours allow teachers to learn more about their students, including skills, study habits and course material comprehension.

    Writing Center

    The Writing Center is a walk-in tutoring service that offers individualized conferencing on academic writing. Engaging in a dialogue with a real person helps students figure out and articulate their ideas more clearly. The center can assist students throughout the writing process, from brainstorming to final drafts.

    The Writing Center strives to help students strengthen and clarify their own thinking, which helps them strengthen and clarify their writing. Students are encouraged to bring writing from any academic discipline for feedback and revisions.