LHS Daily Schedule

  • Lindbergh High School is in session from 7:25 a.m. to 2:25 p.m. on regular school days. Students are allotted five minutes between each 50-minute class period. Lunch is divided into three 30-minute shifts during fifth hour. Lunch shifts are determined by academic department. Please see the schedules below for more information.
    1st Hour 2nd Hour 3rd Hour 4th Hour 5th Hour 6th Hour 7th Hour
    7:25-8:20 8:25-9:15 9:20-10:10 10:15-11:05 11:05-12:35 12:40-1:30 1:35-2:25
    First Lunch Second Lunch Third Lunch
    11:05-11:35 11:35-12:05 12:05-12:35
    First Lunch: Credit Recovery, Driver Ed, Engineering, LLB, Modified, Music, Pilot, Science, Tech
    Second Lunch: Business, English, Math
    Third Lunch: Art, FACS, Health and PE, Modern Language, Social Studies, Student Council