A+ Scholarship Program

  • The A+ Scholarship Program provides scholarship funds to eligible graduates of Lindbergh High School who attend a participating public community college or vocational/technical school, or certain private two-year vocational/technical schools. The scholarship will reimburse the unpaid balance of your tuition and general fees after all available, non-loan federal financial assistance has been applied to your account.

    The primary goal of the A+ Scholarship Program is to help you take responsibility for your education. You have to EARN the A+ Scholarship, and it is your responsibility to continually verify that you are eligible for the program, that you have turned in all of your volunteer hour sheets, and that you have completed all requirements for eligibility.

    For questions regarding LHS requirements and overall eligibility, please contact:

    Andrea Wagner: andreawagner@lindberghschools.ws phone ext. 1610
    Kate Keegan: katherinekeegan@lindberghschools.ws phone ext. 1510

    All other questions can be found on the Missouri Department of Higher Education website.