Next Steps

  • Make sure that you meet the A+ Program eligibility requirements. The Missouri Department of Higher Education does not provide notice to students of eligibility, so you must keep track and verify that you have met the requirements.

    • File an A+ Scholarship Program Letter of Intent.

    • Decide which day of the week works best for you to tutor.

    • Decide which Lindbergh school you prefer for your tutoring location. A designated day will be announced to start signing up for a tutoring site.

    • Meet with Mrs. Koller-Montgomery in the 12th Grade Office to schedule your tutoring assignment. The 12th Grade Office is located in the 300’s building.

    • Complete 50 hours of tutoring.

    • Turn in your volunteer tutor hour time sheet to Mrs. Koller-Montgomery in the 12th Grade Office. All seniors must turn in hours no later than May 1 of their graduation year.