Lindbergh Early College Program

  • The Lindbergh Early College Program allows a unique experience for rising juniors and seniors. Students participating in this experience complete their junior and senior years of high school at St. Louis Community College. Students earn credits toward their high school diploma and Associate of Arts degree simultaneously. At the end of the student’s senior year in high school, the student can hold a diploma and an associate’s degree and be ready for transfer to a four-year college or university. Participation in the Early College Program is dependent on the number of applicants and available district funding.

    Associate of Arts - General Transfer Studies

    St. Louis Community College offers an Associate of Arts - General Transfer Studies degree program for those students who seek to move from the community college to a four-year college or university. This is the program of study for most students involved in an early college program because it offers the broad base of study that completes high school studies and prepares students for transfer. This program is 60 credit hours and is based around the state framework of transferable courses known as CORE 42 which serves as general education courses.

    General Education

    General education courses provide an opportunity for students to develop skills and knowledge that will enhance their lives far beyond graduation. The ability to communicate effectively, solve problems, understand values, and manage information are skills that are important whether the student is pursuing further education, is active in the workforce, or participates in the civic and cultural life of the community. Courses that provide general knowledge in quantitative reasoning, science, social and behavioral sciences, and humanities serve to broaden each student’s perspective in an increasingly complex world.