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Lindbergh Schools Celebrates Class of 2024

May 23, 2024

Students in Lindbergh High School’s 71st graduating class celebrated the end of their Lindbergh Schools era, and began their post-high school chapters at the Class of 2024’s graduation ceremony held Wednesday, May 22, at Chaifetz Arena. Students in the class were awarded more than $24 million in scholarships this year, Principal Dr. Eric Cochran said during his remarks.

Of the 535 graduates, 79.5  percent plan to attend college, 4.7 percent plan to enroll in schools of advanced training, 0.7 percent plan to serve in the military, 9.3 percent plan to enter the workforce, and 5.7 percent are planning a gap year.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tony Lake noted that the Class of 2024 spent their first three years attending a campus under construction, but highlighted that this is the first class to enjoy the recently completed LHS campus. He ended his speech by thanking everyone in the graduates' lives for contributing to their success.

“Remember how you got here today,” Dr. Lake said. “The success of our Lindbergh students is truly a team effort, and I would like to take a moment and thank each parent, friend, family member and supporter who is here tonight to celebrate our graduates. Thank you for the care, support and guidance you have given so generously to each of these students.”

In addition, senior speakers Bethany Goodson and Shey De La Hunt each shared their thoughts on the Class of 2024.

“Our time in high school is not just about the external events - the pandemic, the construction, or the changes in our routines,” Goodson said. “It’s about the internal journey we each undertook to get here. We found strength in supporting each other through difficult times, celebrating each other’s successes, and standing united as a class, ready to face whatever came our way.”

De La Hunt focused on the individuality of the graduating class.

“You’re going to face difficult moments, whatever they may look like,” De La Hunt said. “But I believe each and every one of you possess the strength to uphold your voice and build your legacy through whatever challenges may arise. You’ve already done it in your time here at Lindbergh. Now, it is time to do it in the next stage of your life.”

Once again this year, LHS was ranked among America’s best high schools by U.S. News and World Report – and with good reason. In this year’s class, 333 students were awarded scholarships, among those 47 Missouri Bright Flight Scholarships; 29 athletic scholarships; 141 A+ scholarships and 13 music, theater and arts scholarships.

The Class of 2024 also includes three National Merit Finalists, four National Merit Commended Students, three students with a perfect ACT score, 11 AP Capstone candidates, and 24 early college students who are graduating high school with their Associate Degree already completed.

Lindbergh High School Class of 2024: By the Numbers

  • Graduates: 535

  • Graduates attending college: 425 (79.5 percent)

    • Four-year colleges: 308

    • Two-year colleges: 117

  • Schools of advanced training: 25 (4.7 percent)

  • Military service: 4 (0.7 percent)

  • Employment: 50 (9.3 percent)

  • Gap year: 31 (5.7 percent)