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New Student Representative Joins Board of Education

Mar. 6, 2024

Lindbergh High School junior Lara Pimental has been selected as the newest student representative to the Lindbergh Schools Board of Education. In this role, she will continue to provide student input for decisions made by the Board of Education.



As part of this position, she now directs the Student Board Representative Advisory Committee, a monthly meeting with the students of schools within the district, to hear their concerns and comments.


“To have their views represented is what's going to benefit them the most, and what's going to benefit their education the most.” Pimental said.


Pimental communicates the information she gathers during these meetings to the Board of Education, and shares not just the students’ comments, but also the experiences, and feelings they’ve spoken about. 


“At the end of the day, the students are at the heart of the district.” Pimental said.


Pimental’s term runs through December 2024.


This story and video were created by LHS junior and Lindbergh Communications Department intern Sebastian Rosas.