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LHS Grads Awarded Seal of Biliteracy

Sept. 6, 2022

Lindbergh Schools is proud to announce that it has awarded, along with the State of Missouri, 41 Seals of Biliteracy and 5 Distinguished Seals of Biliteracy to 43 graduating seniors in the Class of 2022. The students have received this recognition for demonstrating proficiency in Bosnian, Romanian, French, German, and Spanish.

In 2018, Lindbergh Schools along with the State of Missouri adopted the Seal of Biliteracy in order to recognize students who demonstrate proficiency in both English and a second language. Along with demonstrating proficiency in two or more languages by way of a language proficiency test, the students must actively participate in a cultural component of the second language in which they are proficient.

The Seal of Biliteracy acknowledges that a student is a global citizen, who is well prepared with 21st century skills that will benefit them in a global economy and society. In addition, the Seal of Biliteracy provides future employers with a way to identify students as a biliterate and/or bilingual employee. Distinguished Seals of Biliteracy means the students scored the highest possible score on their language proficiency test.

These students have had their official transcripts modified to indicate their attainment of the Seal of Biliteracy, and they have also received certificates acknowledging their success. Many of the students, depending on the school they choose to attend in Missouri, may also receive up to 14 college credit hours.

“Lindbergh Schools believes it is vitally important to prepare students to live, work, and communicate with open minds, appreciation, and ability in a multicultural, multilingual world of increasing global interdependence,” Carena Heilich-Henry, Lindbergh High School Spanish teacher and world language department chair, said. “We are so proud of these students and their achievements.” 

Here is the list of 43 students, listed in alphabetical order:

  • Maya Barker
  • Kira Boegeman
  • Ellen Bose
  • Rachel Byerly
  • Marina Casaregola
  • Ida Fan
  • Corinne Fox
  • Katelyn Gendron
  • Joseph Glaser
  • Jackson Hart
  • Josiah Hawkins
  • Thomas Heisner
  • Parker Herbst
  • Mia Heuberger
  • Shua Jeon
  • Brian Kim*
  • Natalie Klumb
  • Landon Lewis
  • Marshall Liberman
  • Matthew McKean
  • Alexia Nastasia*
  • Nicholas Norman
  • Mitchell Oldham
  • Rosa Page
  • Jonathan Pence
  • Charis Peters
  • Emina Sakanovic*
  • Emma Schmitt
  • Ben Shepard
  • Ava Smith
  • Emina Softic
  • Kennedy Thomas
  • Emma Thomas
  • Allison Thomson
  • Julianne To
  • Antonio Tucci
  • Sophia Unzicker
  • Rachel Wei
  • Thomas Willerth*
  • Daniel Williams
  • Ella Wolfard
  • Ava Wood
  • Isabella Zeneli

*Students who received a Distinguished Seal of Biliteracy