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Board, Community Thank Lindbergh Employees

Nov. 18, 2021

This week we are celebrating American Education Week, a special time of year when we honor and recognize all of the outstanding Lindbergh employees who go above and beyond every day to make our schools amazing places for students to learn.

We asked the Board of Education and community members why Lindbergh Schools employees are the best and here are their responses:

Board of Education

  • “I remain in awe of their level of effort and commitment to excellence and of their constant unwavering dedication to their students and our community.” - Mike Shamia, President

  • “They are always looking for ways to reach each and every student!” - Jennifer Miller, Vice President

  • “Each and every one of our employees focus on what’s best for students. Lindbergh feels like a family. That can only be created by our employees loving what they do, focusing on students, and building trusted relationships will all be involved. Thank you to everyone for your passion and commitment!” - Christy Watz, Secretary

  • “They always remember that the most important part of their jobs is focusing on providing academic excellence and the very best educational experience for every Lindbergh student!” - Dr. Mike Tsichlis, Treasurer

  • “They are always willing to put children first in everything they do.” - Matt Alonzo, Director

  • “They prepare our students for the future with grace, compassion and energy on a daily basis! Thank you!” - Dr. Cathy Carlock Lorenz, Director

  • “They are all student-centered. Everyone works for the collective good, success, and care of the students and the community.” - Megan Vedder, Director

Community Members

  • “They are truly here for the students everyday, in every way.”

  • “I've seen how much care, time and effort the pre-K teachers put into working with their students. As parents, we were very happy that our kids were excited to go to school everyday since this was their first experience with school. As an employee, I am excited to have the opportunity to give back and ensure that other parents' experience with Lindbergh is as good as ours.”

  • “They truly care about their students!”

  • “My fifth grade son at Crestwood Elementary Schools said that they keep you motivated for school!”

  • “They give love, attention, and acceptance to all children offering wisdom and the love for lifelong learning.”

  • “They encourage me in my interests that are both inside and outside of school. They are kind and helpful and want to get to know me. It's always obvious they want the best for me and all my peers.”

  • “I never thought my son would be where he is now academically and socially. I credit his success to great Lindbergh staff who took him under their wing over the years and guided him along the way.”

  • “Lindbergh Teachers are the best because they are willing to take time outside of school hours to help their students succeed in their classes.”

  • “They take the time to get to know my child and take special care to attend to her educational and emotional needs.”

  • “They put their heart and soul into their work.”

  • “They make the lessons engaging, not boring.”

  • “Together, they make up the best school district in the world!!”

  • “They are always trying to help the students succeed!”

  • “Everyday, teachers go the extra mile to make sure students are at their best.”

  • “They ALL go above and beyond what is required or expected for each other and the students!”

  • “They're dedicated, empathetic, engaged and willing to go above and beyond!”

  • “Everyone has a passion. When you follow that passion it shows! I have spoken to MANY Lindbergh teachers and staff who are passionate about teaching. They genuinely CARE about their students and the school.”

  • “They are passionate about helping each student grow and learn.”

  • “The quality of education for each student is excellent as no one is left behind!”

  • “I have kids in Pre-K, first grade, and third grade and we've been at three different schools in the District since my oldest started preschool at LECE West five years ago. Without exception, every Lindbergh employee we have interacted with -- from teachers to administrators to facilities to office staff to cafeteria workers -- has been caring, thoughtful, competent, and professional, and clearly wants the best for our kids. We are so thankful for you!”

  • “They always go the extra mile and care about our kids like they are one of their own!”