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Intervention Focus Leverages Data for Student Success

Oct. 1, 2021

Developing data-driven strategies to meet the individual academic needs of students is a daily goal for Intervention Coordinator Maureen Stabler, who is a recent addition to Lindbergh’s Teaching and Learning Team. Her work will specifically focus on improving reading and math outcomes for students, in addition to social-emotional learning.

Stabler is working with instructional coaches and literacy coordinators at every school to develop research-based tiers of personalized interventions for students, and coordinate processes to help struggling learners. Once these processes are in place, she will train teachers and building leaders to use academic data to track individual student progress. This will help a student’s team determine whether certain instructional supports are effective for a particular student, or if they need to be adjusted in order to help that student succeed. She is also working with school counselors to implement research-based interventions, and she is collaborating with school principals to establish processes and systems for meeting individual student needs, on a schoolwide level.

Stabler is a Nationally Certified school psychologist who is experienced in the successful use of multi-tiered systems of support, which identify and address both academic and behavioral needs of students to help them be successful. Her previous role as a Special School District school psychologist at Dressel Elementary School has equipped her with a clear understanding of the work being done to support students.