Scholarship Eligibility

  • A+ Scholarship

    The Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development is issuing the following guidance for 2020 high school senior A+ Scholarship eligibility. This guidance is temporary and only applies to 2020 seniors. Please visit the Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development website for updated information.

    • The Algebra I EOC requirement is waived for all 2020 high school seniors, including those who have already taken the exam but did not meet the requirement and those who have not yet taken the exam. Waiver of this requirement also exempts the 2020 seniors from having to meet the ACT math subscore/high school GPA alternative.   
    • The A+ 9-12 grade cumulative GPA requirement will remain in place, but high schools have the flexibility to use the student’s cumulative GPA at the end of the fall semester or end of the spring semester.  
    • Schools can be flexible in how students complete their 25 hours of required tutoring.
    • For 2020 seniors, the number of tutoring/mentoring hours has been reduced temporarily to 25 to accommodate those students who are unable to complete 50 hours prior to high school graduation.

    Bright Flight Scholarship

    ACT qualifying date has been extended to the July national test date. For more information, visit the Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development website.

    Local scholarships

    Updates can be found on the Scholarship Central website and Naviance Student.

    Senior Awards, Foundation Scholarships and Renaissance Awards

    Awards and scholarships will be announced virtually. Students who will receive awards will be notified with instructions.