Lindbergh High School Academy

  • The Lindbergh High School Academy is an extension of Lindbergh High School that provides an alternative learning environment for students. A school within a school, the Academy is designed to meet each individual student’s needs. It is designed to assist students who have experienced limited success in the regular educational setting and see a true need for change in themselves.

    How is it the same as LHS?

    • Students receive a Lindbergh High School diploma.
    • Students participate in Lindbergh High School’s graduation ceremony.
    • Student follow the Lindbergh Schools Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.
    • Students follow Lindbergh High School’s attendance policy.
    • Students may participate in extracurricular activities and school sponsored events.
    • Courses follow the same curriculum objectives.

    How is it different?

    • Smaller school size (Limited to 75 students)
    • Reduced student-teacher ratio
    • Hands-on learning; interdisciplinary units in an exploratory 1-1 learning environment
    • In-class assignments and supervised study
    • Individual, self-paced learning
    • Service learning projects required every semester
    • Four classes every nine weeks; students can earn 8 credits per year
    • Modified Daily class schedule

    Who should apply?

    Students who may be experiencing one or more of the following situations:

    • Low motivation for school, both academically and social-emotionally
    • Lack of consistency in earning credits
    • Potentially able, but lack basic skills

    How to apply?

    Contact your school counselor for more information.