Preschool Classrooms

  • Our part day and full day preschool programs provide a variety of scheduling options for each age group. Students may attend two, three or five days a week through our TR, MWF and M-F options. The teacher-student ratio for the 2-3 year old classrooms is 1:8. The teacher-student ratio for 3-5 year old classrooms is 1:10. For more information on class options in either the part day or full day program, please click on the enrollment link above.

    Welcoming families into our school and helping them to feel welcome is paramount to our mission. If you would like a translator to help you understand our programs, please let us know and we will access resources to provide you with a translator or similar resource.

    We encourage all families to tour our facilities before enrolling in Lindbergh Early Childhood Education. During the tour, most families spend time visiting with our staff and classrooms and going over our mission, curricular goals and philosophy. After the entire enrollment packet is complete, a family will be notified when their child has been admitted to the program. The child's teacher will call the family and invite them to visit the classroom at least once before the child starts. During that visit, the family will be able to meet future classmates and teaching staff, find their classroom cubby and get acquainted with the classroom routine.

    Your involvement in your child's school is one of the most educationally beneficial practices you can follow. While your child is seeing that you value their education, you are learning a little bit more about LECE and the processes of the classroom. Establishing a relationship with your child's teacher and with LECE staff aids in preventing issues that may arise and also helps us to better meet your child's needs. It is for this reason that we encourage our families to have open communication with their child's teachers throughout the year in addition to our fall and spring conferences.  Working together is the key to a child's success.