ECE Has Character

  • Character education is a fundamental component of a student's education, requiring the commitment of the community, families, students and school staff. An educated citizen is the foundation of a democratic society in which respect and responsibility determine strength of character. We believe character education must be an integral part of all curricular and extracurricular activities. ECE is committed to develop students of character who exemplify personal responsibility, respect for others, ethical actions, acceptance of cultural diversity, confidence in an ability to achieve goals and pride in work, appearance and action.

    Throughout the year, the ECE community of students, families and teaching staff work on one main goal in character education: ECE Flyers Are Good Friends. We call this goal our Character Education Touchstone. This touchstone supports all our other efforts in character education and is a clear, measurable way for young children to learn. We read stories, engage in lessons and activities, discuss ideas and play together in ways that help children learn what it looks like, and feels like, to be a "good friend." Reaching this goal wouldn't be possible without the partnership of our ECE families. Having families participate in Family of the Month, traditions projects, Classroom Family Books, the ECE Flyers Are Good Friends monthly newsletter, theme days, service learning projects and the day to day sharing of student accomplishments is an important piece of our school community and student development.   

    Lindbergh's Character Education Traits of the Month help the children learn about different aspects of character and how each trait below plays an important part in being a good friend. Our ECE Flyers Are Good Friends Newsletter, developed by our teaching staff, provides additional information on a monthly basis about each trait so students can be supported in their character education development both at school and at home. 

    Doing the right thing even when no one is looking

    Holding to your beliefs and opinions even when it is difficult

    Waiting calmly in spite of difficulty or opposition

    Expending time and effort to help others

    Self Control
    Restraining your impulses and behavior in all situations

    Goal Setting
    Planning and persevering to achieve something you want

    Speaking and acting with truthfulness in all situations

    Working and socializing together respectfully

    Demonstrating consideration, appreciation, tolerance and good manners toward self, others, authority and property

    Being accountable for your own actions

    Developing relationships with others based on acceptance, compassion, sharing, and trust

    Demonstrating kindness, courtesy, and compassion toward others

    In addition to being a part of a National District of Character, ECE was awarded State School of Character and National School of Character in 2017. ECE has also won several Promising Practice awards, such as Family of the Month (2007), Helping Others (2008), Got Character? Newsletter (2011), Flyer Buddies (2013), Screen Free Week (2015) and The Family Five (2017). Promising Practices are awarded by the Character Education Partnership (CEP) to schools and districts for implementing unique and specifically proactive character initiatives which enrich a district's character education program and can be replicated in other schools interested in creating an impactful character education program.