Early Learning Program

  • Our youngest students, those who are ages 2-3, are our early learners. Our early learning program provides a nurturing, safe and secure environment where our youngest learners engage in stimulating activities designed to meet the needs of children this age. Children at this age learn through play and the active exploration of their environment. Most importantly, our early learners learn through secure and supportive relationships with adults and peers.

    Students are encouraged to participate in many different activities to facilitate the development of the whole child and prepare them for kindergarten, as well as future academic and life success. Our early learning program is a great way for children to make new friends, develop meaningful relationships, engage in valuable learning experiences, develop skills in all areas of development and create a love of learning.

    Lindbergh Early Childhood Education follows a constructivist approach to learning. We believe that children learn based upon the construction of knowledge as a result of their experiences. Our curricular framework is Project Construct, developed by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in 1986. Project Construct is a learner-center curriculum and an approach to teaching for preschool and elementary grades. It was developed from research demonstrating that learners construct knowledge through interactions with their physical and social environments.

    In our classrooms, students interact with materials, solve realistic problems, explain their thinking and examine their reasoning. They also learn to function as members of a community. As a result, they attain a deep understanding in the core content areas, become critical thinkers and creative problem-solvers, develop cooperative and collaborative skills and develop a love of learning. Our teachers plan for experiences that address social-emotional skills, character education, language and literacy, cognition, math, science, social studies, creative expression, dramatic play, art, music, physical development, technology, health and safety.

    Project Construct places the assessment of students at the center of its framework. Assessment of students is an ongoing process from which teachers support the learning styles and needs of individual students. This ongoing assessment allows teachers to make adjustments in their lessons to help each child reach his/her full potential.