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Taking Measures to Keep Students Safe

June 5, 2022

Dear Lindbergh Community,

Keeping students safe at school is a commitment we take very seriously, and it is important for us to be open and honest with families regarding the proactive measures we take to protect the children in our care.

We have received questions from some parents and guardians in recent days, and we want to provide all of our families with a transparent and comprehensive overview of our district procedures. While we are confident in the effectiveness of these procedures, our district is in the process of soliciting an independent assessment by a third party, to ensure best practices in these areas. 

In addition, we are planning to present the information detailed below during the Board of Education’s July 21 workshop, and we will share a recording of this information with our Lindbergh community following the meeting.

Lindbergh’s procedures for preventing, identifying and reporting inappropriate staff behavior follow best practices for school districts, and include the following:

  • All employees undergo extensive background checks before they are hired.
  • Every Lindbergh employee completes annual training called “Smarter Adults, Safer Children,” which teaches employees how to identify inappropriate staff/student conduct, and informs staff of their obligation as mandatory reporters.
  • As mandatory reporters, all school employees are required by law to immediately report any allegation of improper conduct to the Missouri Department of Social Services - Children’s Division. The state then conducts a thorough, independent investigation.
  • We teach students how to report a concern at school, whether that is directly to a teacher or administrator, or by using an anonymous tip line. In addition, students in grades 6-12 complete annual training about sexual abuse prevention and reporting, in accordance with Missouri state law. 
  • All visitors to Lindbergh Schools are checked against the National Sex Offender Registry before entering the building.

  • The district participates in the RAPBACK program provided by the Missouri Highway Patrol.  This system reports to the district any arrests of employees during their tenure in Lindbergh Schools.  The district is notified within 24 hours of any arrest. 

Providing students with a safe place to learn and grow is our most important job, and we work hard to create a culture where students feel safe and comfortable sharing any concern with a trusted adult at school. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


Dr. Tony Lake
Superintendent of Schools