What is Flyer Time:
  • Student led activities and discussion time to improve school culture and climate
  • Student leaders are known as "pilots"
  • 23 minute classes in the mornings everyday
  • 7:40-8:03 A.M.
  • Multi-aged classes consisting of 6th, 7th, & 8th graders
  • Emphasis on relationship & character building
  • Student interest groups (IGs) meet on Thursdays
  • IGs are groups of students with like-interests participating in a variety of activities
  • Monday and Tuesdays are reading for enjoyment
  • Wednesdays are character ed activities

What is a Pilot?

 Pilots have been selected to represent their Flyer Times because they exhibit the following qualities:

  •    Strong Character Traits 
  •   Ability to positive influence peers 
  •    Dedicated to improve Sperreng 
  •   Are positive role models at Sperreng 


 Pilots are Peer Leaders who work to:


  • Improve our school community
  • Improve our school climate
  • Lead activities in Flyertime 
  • Help my Flyertime teacher
  • Lead reflective discussions
  • Represent my Flyer Time’s opinion at Pilots and Principals
  • Debrief my Flyer Time following Pilot Training and Principal meetings