• Science Olympiad
    Sponsor: Ashley Osborne, 6 Green Science Teacher
    Missouri Science Olympiad Homepage: www.moscioly.org 
    Science Olympiad is a team of students who work together to compete against other schools in science-related events. Each year, there are 23 events focusing on different strands of science (genetics, earth science, chemistry, anatomy, physics, geology, mechanical engineering and technology). These events range from building events to testing events. The following are examples of events from the 2016-2017 competition:
    • Bridge Building
    • Bottle Rocket Design
    •  Human Anatomy
    • Food Science
    • Crimebusters
    • Disease Detectives
    • Fossils
    • Elastic Launched Glider Design
    The 2018-2019 club will start practicing mid-October! If you would like to join, please see Ms. Osborne for more information!