Attendance Procedures

  • In compliance with Missouri State law, each student enrolled at Sperreng Middle School is expected to attend classes on a regular basis. Daily attendance is one of the keys to a student’s educational success. Every subject taught in the school system requires a student’s active and continuous involvement in order to develop the skills and knowledge of each subject. Most classroom experiences cannot be duplicated on an individual basis. An absent student loses the experience of rich activities, discussion, and participation.

    The Lindbergh Schools Board of Education has approved the requirement that all Sperreng students must have an attendance rate of 95 percent, no more than nine absences for the duration of the school year, in order to be promoted to the next grade. Students who fall below the required attendance rate of 95 percent will be retained. The promotion requirement for attendance includes all unexcused absences.

    The following guidelines are to be followed by students and parents:
    • Be in attendance no less than 95 percent of the school year.
    • Parents call the Attendance Hotline at 314-729-2425 if a student is absent for any reason. 
    • We will attempt to contact parents if we do not hear from them.
    • If no contact has been made, the student must bring a note upon returning to school. 
    • When arriving late to school, the student must report to the office and request an admit slip. 
    A note or phone call from the parent is required for verified absence, but this doesn’t ensure an excused absence.

    Excused Absences
    Excused student absences shall be limited to professional and medical appointments with documentation (from provider only), bereavement and school-sponsored activities. In addition, the building principal or assistant principal may excuse certain prearranged absences provided parents have made prior arrangements. Teachers will notify parents and the office when excused absences are affecting a student’s grades. In the case of excessive absences, additional interventions will be implemented.

    Unexcused Absences
    Undocumented illnesses are classified as unexcused unless appeal is granted. A missed class or school day that doesn’t meet the excused absence criteria may be considered truancy. It is the student’s responsibility to report to class on time. Unexcused tardies will be determined using the same rules that apply to unexcused absences. Students must always go to class and get their teacher’s permission to leave.

    Students returning to school after an unverified absence (no contact with parents) may be subject to discipline for truancy if there is no written note from a parent/guardian. A phone call or note is expected in order to verify the absence. Continued unexcused absences will result in referral to the proper agency. If attendance does not improve, parents and school officials will meet to discuss further consequences and ways to improve attendance.

    Attendance Appeal
    An attendance appeal process is in place if the family believes they have extenuating circumstances which warrant absences be excused. These circumstances might include hospitalization, death in the family, etc. Appeals may be done at any time during the school year; families need not wait until attendance falls below 95 percent. All attendance appeals must be submitted in writing and include documentation/verification of the extenuating circumstances, such as a doctor’s statement, record of hospitalization, etc. The attendance committee will review the appeal and respond to the family in writing. An appeal form can be picked up from the office at any time.

    Attendance Makeup
    Additionally, students who have fallen below the 95 percent attendance rate for unexcused absences will have the opportunity to make up time missed through the after school makeup sessions. The sessions will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45-4 p.m. Activity buses are provided for students needing transportation home. During the after-school makeup session, students are required to complete homework, read or complete a quiet activity. After-school tutoring is acceptable and will count toward makeup time.

    Each student who falls below 95 percent attendance will receive a letter indicating that they have exceeded the number of unexcused absences allowed and are subject to retention. Upon receipt of this notification, we recommend that you contact your grade level principal to arrange for attendance makeup time after school.

    Makeup Work
    If a student is to be absent for more than three (3) days, his/her parents may arrange to pick up class work by calling the Guidance Office. The student can also check the team’s website.

    Early Check Out
    To be dismissed early from school for a medical or professional appointment or any other legal reason, the student will bring a note from home signed by his/her parent stating the time and reason for the early dismissal. This note must be presented to the office prior to the dismissal. In case of illness or injury which necessitates that a student be sent home before the end of the school day, the school nurse or office will contact the parent to arrange to have the student picked up. In case of an emergency at home, the student’s absence will be verified if the parent calls the school. In all cases, the student must sign out in the office before leaving the school.

Attendance Makeup Sheets

  • Parents and Students: Attendance makeup sheets are now available from Ms. Peek in the Principal’s Office. If you have over nine (9) days of absences, you will need to make up your missed days following the policy stated on the makeup sheet. If you have any questions, please see your grade level principal. Click here to download an attendance makeup sheet.