• Guitar Club News

    Winter/Spring Semester 2018
    For Questions and registration contact:
     Mike Franzel at  mfranzel@lindberghschools.ws

    Guitar Club Schedule:

    All classes are taught at Kennerly Elementary in the music room.

    Email me to reserve a place in class, let me know: MFranzel@lindberghschools.ws

    · if you will be needing a guitar.

         · First and last name of student

                · Phone number to contact you for alerts / cancelations 


    On-line payment at: https://lindberghschools.revtrak.net

    pay for class here 

     MONDAY sessions begin on Jan. 22nd  - May 21st, 2018

    Mondays Fees: $100.00  
       3:4Jam Jr. (level 3)

    · review 1st & 2nd string

      · learn 3rd string and chords

         · intro to songs and jamming in Rock band

     4:1Advanced Jam (level 4)

    · review 1st - 3rd string   · learn 4th / 5th strings and chords 

    · Learn songs and Jamming in Rock band


    TUESDAY sessions begin on  Jan. 23rd - May 22nd, 2018 

       Tuesday Fees:  beginners:$100.00 

    (Trial lessons available for K and 1st graders) 

     T 3:40 Beginning Guitar (Kennerly)

     T  4:40 Beginning Guitar ( district wide )

    Tuesday Level 2, 3 and 4   (Fee: $100.00)

    Tuesday 4:10  Level 2 

    review 1st string,  learn 2nd string 
     intro to chords and rock band

    Tuesday 5:10  Level 3 

    review 1st & 2nd string 
    learn 3rd string and chords 
    intro to songs and jamming in a band

    Tuesday 5:40 Advance Jam (Level 4(learning & playing songs in a band )

    Tuesday 6:10 (faster pace/ older age group, 4th grade and above)

    Tuesday  6:40  Levels 2-3  (older age group) 

    Tuesday  7:10  Adult Class  

    The Guitar Club is a great way to learn how to play the guitar. I have been teaching private and group instructions since 1982. I am currently teaching at Fazio's Frets and Friends in West County. I also worked for a couple of years as the director of Kidz Camp Jam and have performed with several rock bands playing the local clubs in the St. Louis area. Now I bring all this experience to develop my after school Guitar Club.

    We have over 50 3/4th's sized nylon stringed guitars that we let students use and a full band set up to learn how to play in a band. Many of my level 4 students play with my band at the Spirit festival and at the Sunset Pool family night.


    guitar club photo

     Guitar Club level 4 with Electric Guitars