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    Mike Franzel, Kennerly Music Teacher

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    Guitar Club

    Kennerly Character Choir

    Kennerly Variety Show


    729-2400 ext. 4214

    Welcome to my web page. I'm Mike Franzel and welcome to my new web site. On this page, you're going to find a sample of what makes music so special at Kennerly. Your child is an individual unlike any other child, unique and ready to learn. I plant the seeds and then help nurture a firm foundation in the fundamentals of music. I love to open their minds with  questions and wonders, encouraging every child to give the many things we do in class a chance. My room is a very special place and I invite you to see just how powerful and strengthening music can be to your child’s education.

     Upcoming events:  2018-19
    Character Choir will continue, however in school during 4th and 5th grade classes. This will allow anyone who is interested (but couldn't stay after school) will have the chance to learn and perform during school hours.


     Guitar Club:  


    The Winter/Spring Guitar classes are in session, next guitar opportunities, look for Summer Enrichment.

    Winter Shows 2018

     Lindbergh Auditorium 
    Dec. 19th, Wed.  
                                                                   4th and 5th grade present,
                 "Santa Knows Best"
    Past Performance on You Tube: 
    Scrooge 2017
    Day of Music  
     April 11th, 2018, Wednesday
    Lindbergh H.S. Aud.
     All Kindergarten at 6:00 
    1st grade - at 6:30 
    2nd grade - at 7:00 / 3rd grade - at 7:30
    Each grade will assemble 10 minutes before each concert in the stage door hallway. 
    Upcoming: Character Choir Annual performance
    April 11th, 2018 
    Lindbergh H. S. Aud.
    at 8:00
                                                character choir


    Performances  The Kennerly Character Choir performs each year at the

    Lindbergh High School Auditorium, for school programs and social events. 

    performance trade center
    All District 2011 SNL

    CharacterChoir performing the National Anthem with the Lindbergh High School marching Band at the Sunday Night Lights.This event simulates a real game atmosphere where kids with cancer and survivors of cancer get play in a football game along side with volunteers from the Varsity football team. The Pom poms, cheerleaders and the marching band all provided pre-game and half time entertainment. Students, teachers and the Lindbergh community gave their time for this special night created and funded by Lori Krueger.



    Character Choir joins along with Lindbergh High School marching Band
    at the Sunday Night Lights.


     Variety Shows at Kennerly

    Nationally recognized in PTO magazine (April 2008) The Kennerly Variety Show

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