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Collaborative Art Projects Take Over Elementary Hallways

Oct. 4, 2022


Students at Dressel Elementary School recently collaborated schoolwide to create a Community Art Project that will be on display for students, teachers and families. 

The students began their work by meeting virtually with abstract artist Reginald Laurent, who shared his DNA Series artwork, which is composed of geometric and organic shapes, which are the foundation for most types of art. 

“My art imitates life because it is representative of the diversity and inclusion of every culture, the backbone of what makes the world such an interesting place,” Laurent writes on his website. 

During the school meeting, Laurent emphasized how important it is for all of us to find time to create.

“Art can transform areas, and art can transform lives,” he told the students. “Whether you want to be a doctor, or an artist, whatever you choose, this creativity we use to create art builds muscles that we will use in other areas of our lives.” 

Following the meeting, students used construction paper to make designs using abstract shapes and various colors. Each student trimmed their work to 4”x4”, and attached it to a large, collective mural. The finished piece represents the unique creativity of every student at Dressel.


Long Elementary School students collaborated on a schoolwide mural created with each student's personal portrait. Each portrait was a different color shade and placed together creating a rainbow effect.

“I wanted to build a sense of community and belonging at Long,” Long art teacher Jordan Stevens said. “As students view the mural, they are able to appreciate all the artists' different skills and growth among grade levels. Instead of focusing on one particular grade, we were able to come together to create a collaborative masterpiece.”

The portrait extends across the wall outside Stevens’ classroom. Students were allowed to draw themselves in any style of art that they wished. Stevens said that the schoolwide project was able to show each student’s own creativity, in addition to being personalized learning.

“Each student's creativity was able to shine through in this collaborative mural,” Stevens said.

This was the second year that the project was created.