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National, State Data Reflects Student Success

Oct. 17, 2019

National and state data released this week confirms that Lindbergh students are graduating with the skills they need for successful futures. The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the ACT board both released findings that measure college and career readiness, in addition to academic achievement.

Lindbergh’s composite ACT score for the class of 2019 increased to 23.1, up from 22.8 in the class of 2018, and compared to Missouri’s state average for 2019, which is 20.8. Lindbergh also exceeded state averages on all four subtests, averaging 23.0 on English, 22.2 in mathematics, 23.6 in reading and 23.0 in science.

ACT research has shown that the rigor of coursework is what has the greatest impact on ACT performance and college readiness. Providing rigorous, personalized learning opportunities for all students is a priority of Superintendent Dr. Tony Lake and the Board of Education.

"Our teachers work tirelessly to provide personalized learning experiences that meet the needs of all Lindbergh students," said Superintendent Dr. Tony Lake. "By teaching students essential life skills, including critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication, we are preparing our future generations for success in a rapidly changing global society."

Also this week, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education released its Annual Performance Report for school districts, which measures performance in academic achievement, subgroup achievement, college and career readiness, attendance, and graduation rate. The APR measures individual student growth, overall levels of student achievement, and districtwide progress levels. Highlights from the report include:

  • Lindbergh students scored above the state average on total student achievement and subgroup achievement.
  • Lindbergh is on target for college and career readiness, scoring above the state average in this category. This score is based on the number of students who participate in ACT, SAT or ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) assessments.
  • Districtwide attendance rates exceed the state average.
  • Lindbergh scored on target for student graduation rates.