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Kohl Named 2022 Regional Teacher of the Year

July 7, 2022

Truman Middle School sixth grade English language arts teacher and Lindbergh Schools 2022 Teacher of the Year Kristina Kohl has been named one of 10 Missouri Regional Teachers of the Year for the St. Louis area. This honor qualifies Kohl to apply for the 2022 Missouri State Teacher of the Year award, which will be announced in August.

“Kristina is one of the most reflective teachers that I have worked with, constantly taking feedback and shaping her craft,” said Truman Principal Dr. Mike Straatmann. “Her relationships with students are exceptional, and she is constantly finding new ways to reach them. She has created a classroom culture that prioritizes student feedback for improvement and respect for one another. Her students thrive with her guidance.”

Kohl is a student-centered teacher who works hard to provide students with the support they need to ensure growth and learning. Colleagues share that what sets Kohl apart is her ability to form strong relationships with her students and support a culture of belonging, which has a direct impact on student learning and growth. Recently, Kohl collaborated with a team of teachers at Truman to develop a complex unit that combines science and literacy. This unit was inspired by a workshop training session with the University of Missouri-Columbia and is designed to help students comprehend scientific non-fiction texts and construct written arguments utilizing scientific data.

In addition to teaching, Kohl has accepted a variety of leadership roles at Truman and districtwide. She serves on the district’s Inclusion, Equity and Diversity Committee and participates in a districtwide Teacher Leadership Cohort. At Truman, Kohl is the building equity representative, a member of the Building Leadership Team and the Truman Life Committee, and sponsor of the Creative Writing Club. Kohl also coaches the Ultimate Frisbee Club at Lindbergh High School.

Kristina cares about her students,” Straatmann said. “She also values student feedback and is responsive to it. She is a very valuable member of her team and provides solid, sound judgment in working with students and families.”

Kohl started her teaching career at Truman in 2018. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Truman State University, and also holds a Master of Arts in English Education and a Master of Arts in Gifted Education, both from Truman State. As Lindbergh’s Teacher of the Year, Kohl will now be in the running for the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Regional Teacher of the Year award.