•  Sappington Singers Children Choral


    It’s that time for 4th and 5th Graders!  Time to try out for the Sappington Singers! Do not miss out on the fun!  

    If you were a member last year, good news! You do not have to audition again!  Just sign up in the music room this week when you come to class.

    If you are a fifth grader who missed out on the fun last year, or are a fourth grade student, come on out for choir! Choir will be on Wednesday mornings this year, beginning September 10.  Since I enjoyed doing Flyers Fitness last year along with so many of my choir members, Sappington has switched up the schedule so it is easier for choir members to do both activities.  Flyers Fitness will be starting later in the fall on Monday and Friday mornings.  No one likes to get up early every morning!


    Try-outs will be held before school from 8-8:35 a.m. the weeks of August 25th and Sept 2nd.  You can come any morning those weeks (except Thursdays) and sing for me. Any “school appropriate” song will do.  “School appropriate” means to make sure the words and message in the song would be something you could sing for Dr. Hamby.  You can also just sing the “Happy Birthday” song for me and that will be fine.


    Please understand that this is a select group. If you are serious about wanting to be in a group that performs, sings fun songs, and is a wonderful representation of  Sappington in our community, please join us! We work hard, but have FUN  too! You must be committed to attend our weekly rehearsals on Wednesday mornings at 7:30 and any programs we perform throughout the year. 

    I am so excited to start up our great Sappington Singers this year!

    Ms. Bowles