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Contractor Selected for New Gifted Education Center

Jan. 26, 2022

The Lindbergh Schools Board of Education voted on Dec. 16 to approve BSI Constructors Inc. as Construction Manager at Risk, to oversee the creation of a dedicated Gifted Education Center for LEAP and PEGS programs.

Over the years, gifted education programs have been housed in various locations around the district depending on space available. The St. Louis Regional Program for Exceptionally Gifted Students is currently located at Kennerly Elementary School, and LEAP programs are at Sperreng Middle School.

This new plan will renovate the existing Lindbergh High School library building to create a dedicated, permanent home for both LEAP and PEGS. The iconic circle-shaped building will be vacant as a result of Prop R LHS construction, which includes a brand new, state-of-the-art library media center.

“This new, permanent home for Gifted Education will support student innovation and collaboration across our entire district,” said Dr. Tony Lake, superintendent of schools. “We are excited for this opportunity to provide a dedicated space, and the learning potential that it holds for our teachers and students.”

The CMAR model was recently made available to public entities in the state of Missouri, and benefits school districts by providing faster construction, and a guaranteed maximum price for a project.

In accordance with board policy, the Board of Education interviewed four construction firms on Dec. 8, during a special open meeting. A CMAR is a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or other legal entity that assumes the risk for the construction, rehabilitation, alteration or repair of a project at the contracted price as a general contractor and provides consultation regarding construction during and after the design of the project.

BSI Constructors Inc. was one of four firms that submitted qualifications followed by proposals, and was selected as the best value for the district who is capable of performing the desired services.

Planning is beginning now for the new Gifted Education Center, which is scheduled to open in Fall 2023.