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District Projects to Save $325,000 Annually In Energy Savings

Dec. 11, 2023

Lindbergh Schools is projecting to save taxpayers more than $325,000 annually thanks to energy efficient upgrades districtwide, and its participation in Ameren Missouri’s BizSavers program.

BizSavers provides cash incentives for energy efficiency upgrades such as LED lighting, high-efficiency HVAC and refrigeration systems, commercial-grade cooking equipment, motor controls/variable frequency drives and much more. Lindbergh Schools and Ameren Missouri gathered at the school’s Nov. 16 Board of Education meeting to explain how two recent energy savings projects at Lindbergh High School (LHS) will save the community money.

These projects included updating existing equipment in the remodeled portion of the school and installing new energy efficient equipment in the areas of new construction. The upgrades project to save the district 3,612,403 kWh annually, which is the equivalent of 361 homes' energy usage (according to Ameren Missouri). LHS upgrades include:

  • updating old, inefficient fluorescent lighting with new LED lighting
  • adding daylight dimming and occupancy sensors to hallways, classrooms and offices
  • upgrading to a new variable prime chiller water system with controls

“Ameren Missouri is proud to work with many of our commercial customers, including Lindbergh Schools, to help them save money on energy costs through our BizSavers program,” said Rich Wright, manager of energy efficiency at Ameren Missouri. “The program is designed to provide quick and easy savings, as well as customized solutions for businesses of any size. When businesses are able to adopt these, everyone benefits as a result.” 

Since 2016, Lindbergh Schools has completed 13 energy efficient projects through the program. These 13 projects total a combined 4,051,224 kWh of energy savings annually and $325,000 annually in electricity costs.

“We are grateful for the energy savings we will be able to pass on to our district taxpayers year after year, thanks to the Ameren BizSavers program,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tony Lake. “As we have worked to equip our new high school with energy-efficient equipment and fixtures, this program has allowed us to use those savings to support a flexible, future-ready learning environment for all Lindbergh students.”

“In August 2019, the district signed an agreement with McClure Engineering to assist and begin applying for utility and other available rebates. Four years later, this work has been completed, paperwork has been filed, and the rebate project is complete,” said Chief Financial Officer Joel Scheible. “Rebate funds will be deposited into the district’s account and used to offset owner-provided expenditures related to LHS capital improvements.”

“A major part of this program’s success has been to develop energy calculations to determine where energy is being saved,” Scheible said. “None of that would have been possible without McClure’s hard work.”

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