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LHS Students Participate on Board as Representatives

Jan. 20, 2023

In an effort to enhance student voice and expand student representation in district governance, Lindbergh Schools announced the addition of a student representative position to the district’s Board of Education in August 2022. Lindbergh High School senior Althea Bartz-Willis and junior Adam Spree were selected for the positions.

Miller said both student representatives were selected for their involvement at school, leadership roles and experiences that lend themselves to represent student voices.

“We wanted to make sure that our students were involved in experiencing district governance,” Lindbergh Board of Education president Jennifer Miller said. “As a board we can get their perspective as students. The decisions we are making affect them, so we want to make sure where we’re going with those decisions is something that is important to them and is working.”

Both Bartz-Willis and Spree were installed in October 2022 and have been present at meetings since November. Their duties include giving updates at each meeting, representing the student body and providing the board with student perspective on issues, actively engaging with board members and administrators on a regular basis, and working with the board president and superintendent to add items to the agenda, ensuring issues are discussed that are important to the student body.

“I think it gives really great insight into what the Lindbergh board does,” Bartz-Willis said. “I hadn’t ever seen what the administration does on the outside of the school scale. Truly the board is there to serve the students, so why not get their opinions and their voice?”

Both student representatives said they have high hopes for the position.

“I would love to see it continue,” Spree said. “I’m hoping we can form almost some sort of group of these student representatives and help mentor and influence each other so we can just make it the best it can be.”

Bartz-Willis will conclude her term at the end of the 2022-23 school year, with Spree finishing his in December 2023. Each fall, the Board of Education will accept applications for a new student representative to serve a January-December term.