• Practical Research Investigating the Scientific Method (PRISM) is a child-centered, non-competitive science celebration for Lindbergh students in grades K-5. Students are encouraged to investigate scientific topics and display their results at schoolwide celebrations. Project categories include:
    • Collection
    • Invention
    • Investigation
    • Portfolio
    Each project category has specific criteria that must be followed. These guidelines are listed in the PRISM Book, which is available for download here.

PRISM Tips and Tricks

  • Please follow the tips and tricks below to successfully complete your PRISM project. 
    • Use hot glue or rubber cement to attach content to your board. No staples please.
    • Try not to include the student in photographs attached to the board.
    • Word searches are no longer allowed on portfolios.
    • When conducting an investigation, ask yourself these three questions:
      • What will I measure?
      • What will I research?
      • Why am I doing this?
      • If you cannot answer these three questions, you may want to change your project.
    • Your project must be based on science. It is not a social studies report or a collection of pet photos.