Mission Statement

  • Lindbergh High School empowers learners to become caring and responsible critical thinkers within the global community.

Vision Statement

  • Caring:
    • Build strong, trusting relationships with students to develop high standards of character
    • Create a culture of respect and empathy for all individuals, in both the school community and global community 
    • Provide a solid network of support for students academically, socially, and emotionally 
    • Develop independent, self-motivated learners who problem-solve to meet goals
    • Encourage students to make principled, ethical choices regarding local and global issues
    • Inspire students to be healthy, informed citizens who make positive choices
    • Empower students to serve both their local and global communities
    • Inspire a school culture where positive relationships are a focus
    • Create a culture of open communication between school and home
    Critical Thinking:
    • Empower students through both the rigor and relevance of academics to be reflective knowledge-seekers
    • Inspire students to be creative risk-takers
    • Develop students to become good communicators