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    Program for Exceptionally Gifted Students
     Mrs. Tamara Ohler
    PEGS Sperreng Middle School 
    LHS Freshemen Lady Flyers Basketball Coach
    SMS/TMS Track Coach 
    314.729.2400 ext 2140
    Best time to contact me 2:00-2:30 
    email tohler@lindberghschools.ws
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    "To understand highly gifted children it is essential to realize that, although they are children with the same basic needs as other children, they are very different. Adults cannot ignore or gloss over their differences without doing serious damage to these children, for the differences will not go away or be outgrown. They affect almost every aspect of these children's intellectual and emotional lives. A microscope analogy is one useful way of understanding extreme intelligence. If we say that all people look at the world through a lens, with some lenses cloudy or distorted, some clear, and some magnified, we might say that gifted individuals view the world through a microscope lens and the highly gifted view it through an electron microscope. They see ordinary things in very different ways and often see what others simply cannot see. Although there are advantages to this heightened perception, there are disadvantages as well." - Stephanie S. Tolan