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       I have the privilege of teaching kindergarten students at Sappington Elementary in the Lindbergh School District. We will work at becoming life-long learners and strengthen our love for school. We will build a strong foundation in Math skills and English Language Arts strategies. Plus, we are going to have fun doing it!  
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    The best way to contact me would be through email. You can do this at rkeller@lindberghschools.ws
    You can call me between the hours of 8:20-3:40 at 729-2400 ext. 6008
    We are in RM 8, on the first floor.

    If you have information about a change in your child's transportation, please call the office at 729-2460 and they will relay this information to me.  If you are giving me notification 12+ hours in advance, you can email me with transportation changes. 

    Welcome to my 
    2018-2019 Class
    I am eager to meet my new students for the new school year!
    Emil D.
    Mac E.
    Sam G.
    Alexander H.
    Ace H.
    Vaeh J.
    Avery K.
    Elise K.
    Myah K.
    Gabriella M.
    Gionni M.
    Jaymar P.
    Naomi P.
    Evelyn B.
    Lux D.
    Bridget J.
    Faith M.
    Shelby R.
    AJ W.
    Emory W.
    Charles W.
    2018-2019 Touchstone 
    Be kind, Work hard, Believe in YOURSELF!