The school counselor provides basic counsel for children and their families on an individual basis. This service is designed to assist students in gaining self-understanding as a basis for setting constructive life goals which are consistent with their abilities, interests, and aptitudes. A referral list to outside agencies is also available should the need for counseling ever arise.  In addition, a crisis counselor is also available to assist students and families in agency linage, and referrals to appropriate community resources.

    The Lindbergh Board of Education has adopted the Missouri Comprehensive Guidance plan for the delivery of counseling services which includes: Academic Development, Career Development, and Personal and Social Development. The Missouri Comprehensive Guidance plan is implemented through lessons plans that are taught in the classroom throughout the year. Classroom guidance lessons may include songs, activity sheets, class discussions, role-plays, peer mediations, videos, art, assemblies, guest speakers, selected stories, and books. In addition, all elementary students learn how to use "I-statements" to express their feelings in an appropriate manner.  This technique is taught so that students are able to talk out problems and negotiate solutions on the playground using the Friendship Circle.  Please click on the Friendship Circle icon on the left to learn more about this program. If this process fails, then the classroom teacher or myself will intervene with a peer mediation.  In this case, the students will talk about the problems and offer solutions to solve the problem at hand.

    In addition, we serve on the RTI team to address student's individual needs. Please visit the web page on RTI to find out more information.  With this responsibility, we serve as the liaison between Special School District and the Lindbergh School District. Students' individualized needs are assessed by completing classroom observations, attending pre- and post-evaluations, and IEPs for individual students.

    Various support groups are also offered to children. Grief groups are designed to help those children with divorced, separated parents, or if a parent has died. In addition, the Social Skill groups are designed to help teach children with their interpersonal skills.  Anxiety and Focus groups are also offered at different times throughout the year.  Please contact us directly if you have any questions regarding any of these programs.  We would be happy to discuss which group is appropriate for your child.

    Please feel free to contact us at 729-2400 x 5520 (Kim) or kmaddock@lindberghschools.ws or margaretgeisz@lindberghschools.ws if you ever have any questions or concerns regarding your child(ren)'s academic, social, and emotional needs. We would be happy to assist you in any way that we can.

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    Kim Maddock
    School Counselor, First, Second, Fourth, and Fifth Grade
    Maggi Geisz
    School Counselor, Kindergarten and Third Grade
    729-2400 x 5545