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    Mrs. Megan Roegner
    Gifted Resource Teacher, PEGS Facilitator, and English Instructor 
    Gifted Education
    The Lindbergh gifted and talented program is designed to meet the unique requirements of the individual student. The special abilities, aptitudes, and talents of every student must be identified and nurtured. The gifted and talented program provides learning opportunities for those students who exhibit unique abilities and are capable of high performance. We recognize that gifted students should have the opportunity to interact with and be stimulated by their intellectual peers on a regular basis without isolating them from the regular school program.
     Mrs. Roegner facilitates Gifted Learning Lab/Advanced Independent Investigations 1st, 2nd, and 5th periods in room 121.
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    English 1 Honors
    English 1 Honors examines great works of classic and contemporary literature that deal with high-interest ideas such as dystopian societies and coming-of-age. Along with analyzing literature, students write in various modes and engage in a variety of presentations and discussions. English 1 Honors serves as the basis for AP/IB coursework students will encounter in their junior and senior years.
    Mrs. Roegner teaches English 1 Honors during 7th period in room 121. 


    English II Honors
     English II Honors explores the great works of Britain and ancient Greece through a focus on what authors reveal about the defects, struggles, and triumphs of human nature.  Students strengthen their skills in analytic reading, critical thinking, and academic and sophisticated writing in preparation for AP/IB and college coursework.  
    Mrs. Roegner teaches English II Honors during 3rd and 4th periods in room 121.

    729-2400, ex. 1121