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    My plan period is from 1:30pm-2:25pm.


     Show image from Almost, Maine Students warming up before Sweeney Todd Letter Writing Arts Advocacy with the Thespian Troupe Lighting and Set Design Project in Theatre Survey


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    COVID-19 At Home Resources for Students

    I realized today when I was engaging in some of the routines I have created at home for my self-care and health that many of you may need help as well. Though I am not willing to lead any activities myself because I need boundaries, I do want to share with you all some of the resources that help me daily:

    • Free yoga at home classes: Doyogawithme.com

    • Free online meditation: Click here

    • Netflix Party where you can watch a movie as a group: Click here

    • The HouseParty app where you can hang out virtually and play mediocre games: HouseParty

    • If you have a little money, I have been doing yoga two-three times a week with my friend Elizabeth Barnett who was in my musical theatre studio with me at NYU. They are an incredible teacher and they are doing "Noon Zoom" every day but Sunday. You have to get a Zoom account and remember that the class is at 11am and not noon for central time. Also, they offer a sliding scale of $7-$22 per class, but they always invite anyone to participate even if you cannot pay. I am paying of course, because I want to support them. All the deets are on their IG: Elizabeth Barnett  (It would be fun to do yoga together sometime :))

    • My neighborhood is doing an art gallery walk where people will put the art they own (or create) in their front windows so when people take a walk for fresh air, it is like going to a museum, which are all closed. This idea was not mine, but it is brilliant and I wanted to share. Now is a great time for events like this. Take intiative. It will make you feel better I promise.

    • Don't lay on the couch the whole day unless you are sick. It will drain your energy and make you feel worse. Get up and walk around your house, the block, or do ANYTHING (except DON'T GO OUT INTO PUBLIC NEAR PEOPLE. :))

    • Lastly, you all are used to hanging out with eachother for hours every day at school. Organize virtual hangouts so you can get that back. There is no reason why you cannot have a lunch date with 30-40 people daily if you want to or need to. People are feeling isolated and those people who already deal with mental illness or health issues need extra love now. Reach out to each other.




    LHS Thespian

    2019-2020 Important Dates

    • Freshman Orientation - August 7th, 11:15am-1:15pm, Commons

    • Thespian meeting and fall play/improv informational meeting -  August 19th, room 414

    • Thespian Student Board  - Honor Troupe Application construction - August 21st room 414

    • Open House August 22nd - 5:30-7:30pm

    • Fall play auditions: August 26th  - in room 414

    • Fall play callbacks - August 27th in room 414

    • Club Fair during Power Hour/Lunch -August 28th 

    • Improv auditions - August 28th, room 414

    • Improv callbacks - August 29th, room 414

    • Fall play and improv cast lists posted - August 30th outside of 414 at 2:25pm

    • Thespian Leadership Conference (for the board only) - September 7th 9am-3pm

    • Thespian meeting - September 9th, room 414

    • Laura Bell Bundy Masterclass and Mini-Concert Rehearsal - September 13th, 6pm-8pm

    • Laura Bell Bundy Masterclass and Mini-Concert - September 14th

    • Thespian meeting - October 7th, room 414

    • Fall Play 1984- October 10-12th

    • Musical Informational Meeting - October 28th room 414 right after school

    • Trick or Treat so Tots Can Eat - house TBA October 31st at 7pm

    • Thespian meeting  - November 4th, room 414

    • Improv Show - November 8th

    • Shakespeare Club’s performance - November 9th

    • Musical auditions - Singing November 11th in choir room; 

    • Musical auditions - Acting/Dancing November 12th in theater

    • Musical call backs (if needed) - November 13th

    • Musical cast list posted - November 15th outside of room 414

    • Thespian meeting  - December 2nd, room 414

    • Thespian meeting - January 6th, room 414

    • Thespian State Conference - January 9, 10, & 11th in KC!!

    • Thespian meeting - February 3rd, room 414

    • Senior Directed One Acts informational meeting - Feb. 10th in room 414

    • Winter Musical Cabaret - February 20th-22nd

    • Senior Directed One Acts  auditions - February 25th room 414

    • Senior Directed One Acts  callbacks - February 26th room 414

    • Musical performance at Senior Associates Brunch - March? TBA, 9:30am-10:00am

    • Thespian meeting - March 2nd, room 414

    • Senior Directed One Acts  - April 2nd-4th

    • Thespian meeting - April 6th, room 414

    • Backwards Broadway to benefit Equity Fights AIDS - TBA

    • 24 Hour Play Festival  - April TBA

    • Charlie voting online, April 9th

    • Improv performance April 30th (Non-Winingham Sponsor Must be Present)

    • Thespian meeting and Thespian student board speeches for next year May 4th, room 414

    • Charlie's May 8th, in the theater