School Reopening Task Force

  • Lindbergh Schools has formed a School Reopening Task Force that will meet weekly throughout the summer to investigate how we can best meet the diverse needs of our students, families and employees for the 2020-21 school year, and provide a high-quality, safe learning environment for all.

    In mid-July, the task force will share a comprehensive plan for reopening school in August. At that time, we will invite community members to review the plan, provide feedback and make suggestions.

    School Reopening Task Force

    • The School Reopening Task Force’s primary goal is to provide a safe, high-quality learning environment for all students and staff, and create a plan that meets the diverse needs of students within this current pandemic.

    • The Task Force will meet weekly this summer to draft a plan that will:
      • Protect the health and safety of students and staff
      • Provide families with choice

    • The Task Force’s work will include the following areas of focus:
      • Teaching and Learning
      • Facilities, health and safety
      • Student transportation and meal service
      • Child care and human relations
      • Communications

    • Task Force members will represent the entire Lindbergh community and include parents, teachers, medical professionals, students, administrators and Board of Education members. These task force members were intentionally selected to represent a wide range of backgrounds, student and family needs, and expert experience.

    • Task Force members will closely analyze survey data collected from Lindbergh parents and employees, and use that feedback to guide its work. In addition, the Lindbergh community can follow the Task Force’s work and share feedback at Weekly updates will be sent to families and staff.

    • A draft plan for School Reopening in Fall 2020 will be shared with the Lindbergh community in mid-July. At that time, families and employees will have an opportunity to provide feedback.