Social Justice

  • The Social Justice club aims to draw in all members of the community (in and outside of the school) that care about solving problems with social inequity that our students face on a daily basis. It aims to fulfill part of Lindbergh Schools mission statement of empowering students to become caring and responsible critical thinkers in a global community. The club is open to anyone that may be interested in the many different issues of social justice. Thus, we hope to engage many members of the school community, including students, teachers, administrators and other staff members.

    Each month the club has a specific topic of focus. Depending on the topic, different activities will be planned to help educate members of the community about the injustices that exist concerning that specific area. Because of the variety of issues, the activities will vary as well. We hope that the message of social justice will spread beyond the school and into the larger St. Louis community.


    Kate Lyons