Welcome Retired Educators!

  • We are an organization of retired Lindbergh Schools employees. For information about us, please visit the following pages:

    About Us - Description of LRE and how it serves our membership and list of officers for 2017-2018

    Calendar - All LRE events shown month by month.

    News and Events - Information on upcoming and past LRE events.

    Newsletter Archive - Catch up on the newsletter published four times a year. Members who register their emails with LRE will receive on-line PDF copies of the newsletter (ecologically friendly) and occasional news and updates.
    Retiree News - News items to keep you informed of significant events involving our retirees.  You may submit articles and images to be viewed here.  

    Photo Gallery - Contains pictures from LRE events.  Hold your cursor over the images to read captions. 

    Useful Links - Provides a link to several useful resources for our members. You will find links to the LRE Facebook and Twitter pages as well as organizations of interest to members.

    Contact Us -  Send questions or comments about LRE to Marilyn Forir at  lindberghretirededucator@gmail.com.
    Membership and Reservations -  For your convenience, you can print out this page to send in your membership dues and/or make reservations for our events, outings and workshops. 

    District Home - (Upper left)  Return to Lindbergh Schools home page.

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