LHS Academy

  • Thank you for visiting the Academy website. The Academy is intended to craft a more individualized and personal approach to learning for students.   You can read our handbook to learn about the Academy and its rules and regulations. You can also email us and an Academy representative will get in touch with you. 
    Who enrolls in the Lindbergh Academy ?
    • Students struggling with success in the regular high school program.
    • Students who may be deficient in some areas or may be extremely bright and creative.  
    • The most important criteria: Since this is a school of choice, the students must see a need for change in themselves and their educational process. Students are selected based upon an application and interview process.
    How is it different?
    • Every student will have an Individualized Learning Plan -- how the curriculum is structured will be based on the student’s needs, abilities and interests. The coursework will be challenging, and every assignment must be completed to receive credit.
    •Classes meet from 7:25 to 12:25, with four 70-minute periods each day in four 9 week semesters.
    After classes students have one of the following options:
    -community service
    -receive counseling at the Academy