Every Student is a star.  Come and join the fun!  

Come engage & explore because there is something for everyone!  

It is time to register for Enrichment classes & Sports for the winter-spring session. Online registrations are in place for a growing number of our course offerings! 

Be on the lookout in the coming months for our new web page & department branding!
Enrichment Education!  
                      Summer 2014 Guitar                      


Weather Closures

The Activities department follows the Lindbergh Schools inclement weather closure policy. When Lindbergh Schools are closed, activities are also canceled. In cases where school and classes are open, parents are always welcome to choose whether or not to bring their child to classes.

Select Classes are available to REGISTER & MAKE PAYMENTS ONLINE!

Lindbergh Schools is proud to announce its partnership with MyPaymentsPlus, a service that provides convenient registration and online payment for Lindbergh programs and events. MyPaymentsPlus speeds up the registration process eliminate the need to send money to the school and allow any family to:
  • Create a FREE, secured account for all students enrolled at Lindbergh
  • Register for Lindbergh programs and events
  • Make payments using a check, credit or debit card
We encourage all Lindbergh parents to take advantage of this service by creating a FREE online account. Click here to learn how to create an account.