LHS Project-Graduation Party

  • LHS Graduation

    What is LHS Project-Graduation Party (PGP)

    On the night of Lindbergh High School Graduation, PGP is an all-night, all-inclusive, alcohol-free, substance-free lock-in, chaperoned by parents, held for graduating seniors at RiverChase Recreation Center in Fenton. This event was established through a nation-wide movement by MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) to provide a safe way for graduates to celebrate their accomplishments and spend time together following graduation. This event, organized and run by parents, has been an annual tradition at LHS for over 35 years. The graduation celebration includes food, games, entertainment and prizes on the last night the class will be together! Over 300 students attend each year. PGP is a committee of volunteers and an extension of LHS Parent Group.

    Following graduation, the students arrive at RiverChase at 10:30 PM. The graduates do not go hungry. Food is served 3 times throughout the night: dinner, snack, and breakfast. The gym is open for basketball or volleyball on one side and inflatables set up on the other. Swimming is available 11:30 PM - 1:30  AM. Casino games of Black Jack, Texas Hold 'Em, Red Dog and Roulette are available for those who enjoy games of chance, with fun money, of course! Fish-Eye photos, massage therapist, caricature artists, Cash Cage, balloon artist, magician, and psychics are available throughout the night to enjoy and have fun! At 3:00 AM, a hypnotist gathers all the students in the gym for one final show. Laughs are abundantly shared! All students receive a gift card, some students win attendance prizes, some win raffle baskets.

    Truly a MEMORABLE NIGHT, with memories to last a life time for the LAST NIGHT these SENIORS will be together.