PEGS Middle School
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September Birthdays:
Nathan Martinez - September 24
Doug Sachs - September 26
Cooper Terrill - September 26 
September 5 - Labor Day - No School
September 14 - Early Release - School out at 12:35
September 23 - No School 
7 PEGS American History
Check your planner, email me if you forgot to write down the assignment.
 8 PEGS World History
Check your me if you forgot to write down the assignment.
PEGS English 
1st Years 
Students are developing and improving their composition skills through various stylistic devices. Today, students learned the structure and components--hook, main idea, supporting details, evidence/proof, transition words and phrases, and concluding sentence--of a persuasive paragraph.

For homework students will revise/rewrite their expository/persuasive paragraph and use the various components/techniques discussed in today's English class. Please write your second rough draft on loose-leaf paper. This assignment is due tomorrow.
2nd Years

Students are establishing and maintaining a formal style/voice through various stylistic devices--parallel structure, figurative language, and specific details for effect. Also, students are analyzing the stylistic techniques of various authors. Today, students analyzed the writing style of J.K. Rowling.

For homework students will write the third body paragraph and concluding paragraph for their journal topic that was assigned on Monday. Students will incorporate the stylistic devices into their paragraphs. This assignment is due tomorrow. 

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