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    Currently we are continuing our study of the ancient Middle East by looking at ancient Canaan and the Hebrew people.  Our story begins with a man named Abraham leaving Mesopotamia around 1900 BC.  We'll examine the history of the Jewish people, including the high points (receiving the Ten Commandments, building the temple in jerusalem) and the low points (Babylonian captivity and exile).  We'll watch people praying at the Wailing Wall.  We're also learning about the beliefs of the Jewish faith.  This is the first of five world religions we will be studying this year.


    In pre-historic times, there were fewer than 10,000 people inhabiting our planet.  Several key developments allowed our species to not only survive, but flouish.  Today, we are over 7 billion strong.  What were the turning points and highlights that allowed this to occur?  These are just some of the topics we'll explore this year.
    In 8th grade Social Studies, we will focus on areas of your world OTHER than the U.S.!  Together, we'll explore the history and culture of the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe through about 1400.  Also, we will review other social studies skills, like geography and maps, and working with and writing about historical documents.
    Our world and its people are larger than life.  This is your year to expand your boundaries and learn about this big beautiful planet and the fascinating people who have inhabited it. 

    It's YOUR world--know it!!!

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